Welcome to Beachburg, Ontario !

Welcome to beautiful Beachburg

The purpose of Beachburg.com is to provide more information for people looking to move to, or travel through Beachburg, Ontario, Canada or the Whitewater Region.

Take a read through my own thoughts about Beachburg and its' businesses and what it's like to live here. You might also want to read a little about the community life of Beachburg and the quality of the people and businesses.

The Beachburg Fair happens every July! Now is the time to start plannning for the smash-up derby, if you've got a car to enter!

Beachburg Street photo

I've put up a few pictures from Lapasse Road and Lookout Road, just outside of Beachburg: This is the type of gorgeous scenery from around Beachburg, Ontario. (I'm definitely no professional photographer, but these will give you an idea)Map of Beachburg, Ontario

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The Giving and taking of authority – To authorities - When the local school overreaches its authority.

Hockey: Blood Sport or National Icon ?
“No, Virginia, violence isn't the answer, unless it's hockey, in which case, beat the @*#^! out of him!”

Life in a small town and the knowledge economy

Organic marketing versus, well, everything else on the Internet.

What you can do in the fight against pedophiles and child molesters (Some common sense - and easy - advice)

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This site is maintained by Marc Bissonnette, of Beachburg, Ontario, as a small method of "Giving back" to the community which has become our wonderful home.

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